Suzuki Repertoire Musical Styles
(According to Eric Schroeder & MaryLou Roberts)
Musical Elements
Musical Periods/Styles

CD 1

1-5 Twinkle Variations: S. Suzuki                                  Contemporary

6 Twinkle Theme: Folk Song                                         Classical

7 Lightly Row: Folk Song                                               Baroque

8 Go Tell Aunt Rhody:  J Rousseau                                 Classical

9 Song of the Wind: Folk Song                                        Classical

10 May Song:  Folk Song                                                Renaissance

11 Allegretto:  Mauro Guiliani                                          Classical

12 Perpetual Motion:  S Suzuki                                        Contemporary

13 Rigadoon: H Purcell                                                    Baroque

14 Are you Sleeping, Brother John?: Folk Song               Renaissance

15 French Folk Song: Folk Song

16 Tanz:  J Führman                                                        Renaissance

17 Tanz:  JC Bach                                                           Classical

18 With Steady Hands:  F Longay                                   Contemporary

19 Meadow Minuet: F Longay                                        Contemporary

CD 2

1 Long, Long Ago:  TH Bayly                                         Classical

2 Allegro:  S Suzuki                                                        Contemporary

3 A Toye: Anonymous                                                    Renaissance

4 Andante: M Carcassi                                                   Classical

5 Andante from Sonata no 17: N Paganini                       Classical

6 Allegretto:  Mauro Guiliani                                           Classical

7 Corrente: N Paganini                                                   Classical

8 Andantino: M Carcassi                                                Classical

9 Allegretto:  F Carulli                                                     Classical

10 Waltz:  B Calatayud                                                   Neo-Romantic 

CD 3

1 Nonesuch: Anonymous                                                Renaissance

2 Greensleeves:  Anonymous                                          Renaissance

3 Packington’s Pound:  Anonymous                                Renaissance

4 Ghiribizzo:  N Paganini                                                 Classical

5 Waltz from Sonata No 9:  N Paganini                           Classical

6 Andantino: F Carulli                                                    Classical

7 Calliope (Lesson 61):  J Sagreras                                Contemporary

8 Etude:  F Carulli                                                          Classical

9 Etude:  N Coste                                                          Romantic

10 Variations on Arietta:  J Kuffner                                Classical

11 Celeste y Blanco:  H Ayata                                       Contemporary

CD 4

1Siciliana: M. Carcassi                                                  Classical

2 Allegro: M. Giuliani                                                    Classical

3 Lesson: F. Sor                                                          Classical

4 Etude: F. Sor                                                            Classical

5 Waltz: A. Meissonnier                                               Classical

6 Waltz Allegro: M. Carcassi                                       Classical

7 Lesson for Two Lutes: Anonymous                           Renaissance

8 Bourrée: L. Mozart                                                   Baroque

9 La Folia Variations: R. Vidali                                    Baroque

CD 5

1 Waltz Español: J Ferrer                                            Romantic

2 La Volta: Anonymous                                              Renaissance

3 Maria Luisa: Mazurka: J. Sagreras                           Contemporary

4 Minuet Op. 22, No.3: F Sor                                    Classical

5 Gavottes I & II (from BWV1012): JS Bach             Baroque

6 Sueño: J. Viñas                                                        Romantic

7 Allegro vivace (Op.111, Part 2): M. Giuliani            Classical

CD 6

1 Etude: T. Damas                                                     Romantic

2 Rondo, from Op. 48: F. Sor                                    Classical

3 Guádarme las Vacas: L. de Narvaez                        Renaissance

4 A Musical Pastime: J. Rathgeber                             Baroque

5 Etude: M. Carcassi                                                 Classical

6 Rondo, Op. 22, No.4: F. Sor                                 Classical

7 Bourrée, (from BWV 996): JS Bach                       Baroque

CD 7

1-3 Concerto for Lute and Strings RV93: A Vivaldi   Baroque

4 Sonata in B minor: D. Cimarosa                              Classical

5 Canarios: G. Sanz                                                   Baroque

6 Prelude (from BWV 998): JS Bach                         Baroque

7 Sounds of Bells: J Pernambuco                               Contemporary

CD 8

1 Sonata in A major: D. Cimarosa                             Classical

2 Sakura Theme & Variations: Y. Yocoh                   Contemporary

3 Gavotte I&II en Rondeau (BWV 995):JS Bach       Baroque

4 El Testament D’Amelia: M Llobet                            Romantic

5 Minuet I & II (from BWV 1007): JS Bach               Baroque

6 Prelude (from BWV 1007): JS Bach                        Baroque

CD 9

1 Recuerdos de la Alhambra: F Térraga                        Romantic

2 Capricio Arabe: F Térraga                                         Romantic

3 Fantasia No. 7: A. Mudarra                                       Renaissance

4 Theme & Variations: F. Sor                                        Classical

5 Asturias: I Albéniz                                                       Romantic (Contemporary)

Note from Mary Lou Roberts;
Thanks for the list.  There are a couple of areas that are borderline, that
might be confusing.  I think the L. Mozart Bouree is Baroque in style, both by
the name and the counterpoint.  Mozart's father would have been very on the
border of Baroque and Classical.  I don't hear anything classical in that piece.

The other is the Spanish Nationalistic composers are more early Contemporary
than Romantic.  I almost wish "Nationalistic" was a period of the early 20th
century..... For example, I would hear Calatayud Waltz (Contemporary) and
Leyenda (Romantic?)in the same category, if there had to be a category.  The
Waltz is neo-romantic, it doesn't sound contemporary at all.  The Texture in
Leyenda would lend itself to a Nationalistic/Impressionistic piece; more
contemporary than romantic.

It is really different to think of May Song as Baroque!  I have it in a German
song book, but never thought of what period it came from.

Mary Lou